Ahh, I just love our tractor. Isn’t she lovely? She has the nicest shade of blue, which is my most favorite-est color, and she also has a low, powerful roar when she drives which is music to my country-girl ears.

Most of us in Irish Grove are rookie tractor drivers. I, for one, am extremely slow and cautious when behind the wheel. Even after two years of farming, I always go through my mental checklist before driving: put on seatbelt, engage the clutch, double check the gears, change gears if necessary, lift bucket (while refreshing my memory as to which direction on the handle will swivle the bucket up or down), put the tractor in gear, adjust RPM’s, etc. etc. etc.

I’m such a tractor nerd, in fact, that I make sure to turn the radio volume down, so I can listen closely to the hum of the engine. (I’m learning to embrace my nerdiness.)

Marcel, on the other hand, is an expert tractor driver. (I know, I know….what’s new?) When Marcel’s driving the tractor, we all feel comfortable, secure, and confident that the job’s gonna get done, effertlessly executed and in style, I might add. In fact, with Marcel behind the wheel I don’t even feel the need to run, duck for cover, whisk my kids to the safety of our porch, or call Olivia away from the scene. Marcel’s got it under control.

Which makes me wonder what was in that coffee I drank at lunch yesterday.

Mom wanted to use the pick-up truck, which was parked behind the tractor in the machine shed. So, not only did I encourage (she might say force) Mom to drive the tractor for the first time ever……

but I let my youngest child sit in on the ride!!

What was I thinking????