You just can’t beat springtime on the farm.

After an especially long winter this year, the pretty spring flowers breathe life back into our souls and the fresh, breezy days bring out the best in everyone.

My favorite spring flowers are the bleeding hearts. They make me daydream about little flower fairies hosting little flower-fairy parties in my garden, decorating the branches of their favorite plants with sweet heart-shaped jewels and lanterns.

I also love the bright, cheery tulips that bob back and forth in the spring breezes.

Springtime brings the baby chicks, who are always there for you when you need a little cheering up.

And the warmer weather finally allows you to take on a few projects to spruce up the place a bit.

Here’s Marcel, giving the house a much-needed face lift. (Which for some reason makes my thoughts immediately jump to that avocado/cucumber facemask I saw in Walgreens last week.)

But the best thing about spring is that the kids can finally get outside and entertain themselves with the simplest of pleasures.

Like Armando with the water hose. Now that’s bliss for ya, pure and simple.

Madelina has waited for this moment for 6 months, 2 days, 24 minutes and 11 seconds.

Ana has mastered the art of paper-airplane throwing. Just look at that form.

Paper airplanes are the preferred toys in Irish Grove at the moment. The kids played with them for over 3 hours yesterday, and got cousin Jonathan into the act this morning for another couple of hours.

Jonathan’s got a nice, gentle toss that really makes ’em soar.

I just might start a petition to close all of the toy stores over the summer. When you’ve got fresh air, open spaces, and a happy spring-time heart….who needs ’em?