Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re taking full advantage of your day off.

I see these guys sure are.

They deserve a break. I mean, it’s hard work following your mother around all day, trying to sneak a drink of milk here or there.

The calves tell me that Labor Day is the perfect day for relaxing,

visiting friends,

and just hanging around.

Obviously I’m not the only one who agrees!

It must also a great day for daydreaming. Take this chicken, for example. She’s wondering if maybe, just maybe, she’d make it as a flamingo.
What do ya think?
The goats also have an active imagination.

They think they’d make great mountain climbers.

As for me? Today I’m dreaming of vacations, good food, and great company in a far away land.

That’s me and Madelina in Boquete, Panama. Isn’t she the cutest, sweetest thing ever?

Hope you find a restful, relaxing way to spend your day.