Sorry, that title is terrible. I couldn’t help myself. But……

Y’all have just GOT to take a gander at the newest members of Irish Grove.

Here’s our first little guy, born the second week of June. He was startlingly silver. But now he’s white, and goofy-lookin’, and definitely thinkin’ he’s a big deal.

Here’s #2, pitch-black at birth. Altho he’ll end up a nice dark brown. If you look hard, you can see the brown peeking through on his neck.

Next up? Numbers 3, 4 and 5. Two of which are females. Heifers, as we call ’em.

The white-faced one is our spunkiest calf. She tends to run circles around the other calves, kickin’ up her hind legs and just generally havin’ a good time. She’s been named Delilah by the kids. We only name the girls, because, well, umm…..just because. (We shouldn’t talk about the facts of cow life when they’re just babies.)

Delilah was our first girl. We’re partial to her because she’s so darned cute with those black circles around her eyes. And because she’s spunky.

Here’s #6, the dark one with his mother. Another boy, and a sweet little guy at that. He only weighed about 60 lbs at birth.

Number 7 is another story. He’s this big bumblin’ bull-calf that has a very annoying tendency to walk off and hide in the tall grass. He’s like a great big oaf that doesn’t have any survival instinct what-so-ever.

I’ve never before seen a calf like this. He will literally sleep in the tall grass all day, all night, and all day next as well. We have to go looking for him in the morning and literally roll him over a few times before he finally finds the gumption to stand up and try to find his mother. The big lazy bum!

Hopefully he livens up a little as he gets older. Here he is after being pushed, prodded and generally rolled around by his human keepers. His mother isn’t too happy with us, seeing as we’re botherin’ her baby. We decided to keep our distance:

Last but not least is this little cutie. Gosh, is he a doll. White as can be, with a black nose a black eyelashes.

Eight healthy calves, born in the height of summer. Who could ask for more?

Marcel is pretty happy with the new crop of calves. Can you tell?