Irish Grove has a few new additions. Seven adorable Murray Grey calves that are so cute you just want to squeeze ’em. We bought them from a nice man in Platteville, Wisconsin, and had a fun day of loadin‘ and unloadin‘.

Here I am, trying to let one calf at a time out of the trailer. My brave husband is inside(!) the trailer with the calves, piercing their ears. Who’d have thought we were so beauty-conscious on the farm?

The one to set free is the calf that Marcel has just pierced.

So far, so good.

Darlin’, you look mah-velous.

A few calves later, I was still doin‘ okay.

This one pierced her right ear. Umm, wait a second. Does that mean…? No, it couldn’t. Could it?

Okay, only two more to go, and one brings her own tag with her. We can let her out, and then quickly tag the last one. Piece of cake for a seasoned cowgirl like myself, right?


Do you see an oh-so-stylish yellow dangly earring on her? Me neither.

Uh oh, Marcel looks a little peeved.

I mean, he’s inside the trailer with those unhappy babies, trying his best to pierce their ears without getting kicked, or butted, or smushed against the side of the trailer. All I have to do, for Lord’ sake, is slide the gate open and shut!

Might as well just let the last one out, since she brought her own earring with her. She’s a trend-setter, that one. Go on and join your siblings, little lady.

And now it looks like we’re going to have an impromptu rodeo.

Lucky for me, Marcel loves playin‘ cowboy. Look how happy he is!

Aww, anything for you, sweetie. Aren’t I just the best?

Marcel may be happy, but this little heifer doesn’t want any part of it. She prefers the natural look.

Who knew we’d be into forced piercings? (I’d better remember this day when my kids come home with a nose ring and a pierced tongue.)

Ahh, the beauty of new beginnings:

In the meantime, can you tell which one of my kids is the cowpoke in the making?



or Madelina?