Please enjoy the view from Panama!

Madelina showing off a Christmas present:

Bebo, Yami, Chelo and Dilsa dancing the night away:

The twins, Ashley and Darinel, enjoy their first ever visit to a swimming pool:

Ana and I grinding corn for bollos, a traditional Panamanian dish:

Elsa, filling corn husks with the bollo masa:

A lovely tarantula:

The kids, alligator ‘hunting’:

The lovely Panama landscape:

The lovely Panama landscape, i.e. mud, all over my boy:

Fun at the beach:

Armando in his Panama digs:

Ana, enjoying a laugh with her Aunts:

Marcel, being a goofball as usual:

Our nephews, Chelito and Joseph:

Yami and I, mixing up the tamale masa:

The view, when we returned: