As I write, six to eight inches of snow are falling upon Irish Grove.

Our farm has converted itself into a winter wonderland. A fact which did not go unnoticed by Marcel…..
or the kids……
or even Olivia, for that matter.
When it’s this beautiful, there’s no way you can resist the urge to go out and play.
Here’s Marcel pulling a child-laden sled with the PUG. (Pleae don’t ask me what PUG stands for.)
We went down to the pond to see if it was frozen enough for some ice skating. On the way there, the PUG got stuck.

Push, kids, push!!

Umm, Armando….?? Just ’cause you’re three doesn’t mean you can slough off. Gees, what kind of farm kid are you, anyways?
Maybe we should try the other way.
Or maybe we should just walk the rest of the way.
See that open water? Guess ice skatin’ is gonna have to wait. Bummer.
Instead, we can just admire the beauty of the creek.
Gosh, that’s pretty.
Here’s another view:
Winter in Irish Grove is a sight to behold.