It feels like fall today, which means it’s the season for pot roast, chili, beef stew and round steak over buttered noodles.  Yum.  Or perhaps a few grassfed rib eyes or hamburger patties are just what you need for your upcoming tailgate parties. Either way, now’s the time to place your order for Irish Grove Farms’ delicious 100% grass-finished beef.

Our cattle are rotated through organically-managed pastures and have free-choice access to an organic salt, mineral and kelp supplement. They are fed absolutely no grain, hormones or antibiotics.

You can order by the whole ($2.75/lb hanging weight), the half ($3.00/lb. hanging weight), the quarter ($3.25/lb hanging weight), or a 25 lb. beef variety box for $150, which contains steaks, roasts, round steaks, hamburger patties, ground beef, etc.

Email Jackie at to place your order. Or call (815) 742-6781.