We’re off….we’re outta here….we’re gettin’ the heck outta Dodge. Yep, we’re headed to sunny Florida to spend a nice week relaxin’ in the sun, swimmin’ with the kids, and coaxin’ my freckles out of hiding.

We like to take advantage of spring break around here, seeing as April kick-starts the farming season into full swing, and we won’t be comin’ up for air until late October or early November. (Whew….makes me tired just thinking about it.) Last year we went to Panama to see the family, this year it’s Florida to meet up with my cavortin’ mother. Of course, we have a few trips planned this summer as well, but it gets waay more complicated when you’ve got hay that needs cuttin’ and especially some mama cows giving birth.

We’re leaving this afternoon, so Marcel’s off filling hay cages with hay for all the animals, and after church we’ll be grinding feed for the beef cattle. The kids are helping immensely by eating lots of Easter chocolate, and spreading their Easter basket grass all over the floor.

We might be a little stressed at the moment, but it will all melt away once we’re poolside (or even better, ocean-side), sippin’ umbrella drinks in our bathin’ suits. Ahhh. See ya when we get back!

And, of course, have a very happy and blessed Easter.