We are all colored by our personal experiences.  So when your house starts to tremor, what immediately comes to mind? 

If you’re a Californian, you may think:  earthquake!!

If you live near a highway, you may think:  semi-truck!!

If you’re from an oil-rich nation, you may think:  gas explosion!!

If you’re from New York, you may think:  another terrorist attack!!  (God forbid.)

If you live next to a gravel pit, you may think:  ho hum.

But if you live on a farm, you think:  animal escape!!

‘Cause we didn’t miss a beat last night, at 9:30 PM, as we were watching a heart-wrenching story on Frontline (PBS) about the Iranian elections, when our house started to shake and tremble. 

Instead of grabbing the kids and getting into the doorway, or running to the basement, or grabbing the gas masks, or saying “ho hum”, we ran to our windows to witness:

Two horses and two goats running circles around the house, kicking up their heels and having a fine old time.

Once in awhile, I’d just like a dull moment.  Is that so wrong?