SOLD!! Thanks to everyone that responded. Unfortunately we are sold out for the year.

If you’re in the market for some tasty, fresh, good old-fashioned corn-fed beef….and….if you’ve got a freezer that’s spinnin’ your electric meter like nobody’s business because it has nothing in it but stale air…..and….if your favorite summer past time is firin’ up the grill and throwin’ on a few juicy burgers for the kids and a few tender steaks for you and your main squeeze, then have I got a deal for you!

We have orders to fill 3/4 beef, and need someone to take the other 1/4. That’s it! Just a 1/4 beef. A mere 200 pounds or so. You’ll hardly even notice it.

Well, okay…you might notice it a little bit.

But when you notice it, you’ll also notice the undeniable grumble in your belly and that your saliva glands are suddenly acting like Old Faithful.

If you’re interested, flit me off an email to and I’ll fill you in on the necessary details such as where we take our beef for processing, how long it takes, and of course how we determine the cost. I’ll give you a hint on that one: we use market pricing, which always makes me feel like a rich, powerful oil executive:

“We charge you a buttload (is that a bad word?) for oil because we can…ahem, I mean because of high demand.”

Except that I’m your friendly local farmer who would never, ever charge you a buttload for anything. (There’s that word again…sorry!) And I should probably give up on the dream of being rich and powerful, too. It’s usually not in the cards for silly ole farmers like me. Ah, well…there goes that analogy.

So, um…what was I talking about?

Oh, right! Beef!

Beef that is humanely-raised; beef that has had 100% access to pasture, good quality hay, plenty of fresh air, and clean water; beef that has never been fed any type of genetically modified foodstuff; beef that spend their days snackin’, wanderin’, sleepin’ and chewin’ their cud.

Beef that is really, truly good eatin’, as they say in these parts.

So what do you say? Any takers out there?