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Product Endorsement

I hate to make sweeping generalizations here, but farmers don’t traditionally have a lot of money.   We’re what you call asset-rich, cash-poor–all of our money is tied up in land, equipment and livestock and pretty much the only way to access that money is

Where’s the Beef?

It feels like fall today, which means it’s the season for pot roast, chili, beef stew and round steak over buttered noodles.  Yum.  Or perhaps a few grassfed rib eyes or hamburger patties are just what you need for your upcoming tailgate parties. Either way, now’

Egg Recall

If you live in a bubble, you may be unaware that there was a recall of a half billion eggs recently due to salmonella contamination. If you’re not in that bubble, you may wish you were–especially if you’re one of the 1,400+ people sickened by the salmonella in your b

Tag on the Farm

I’ve always loved playing tag.  It gives you a reason to sprint, which is an exhilarating feeling.  I mean, how many opportunities do you really get to just full-on run as fast as you can?  Except this game of tag is a little different.  This time, we’r