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Winter Wonderland

As I write, six to eight inches of snow are falling upon Irish Grove. Our farm has converted itself into a winter wonderland. A fact which did not go unnoticed by Marcel….. or the kids…… or even Olivia, for that matter. When it’s this beautiful, there’s n

In memory of Dad

A beautiful memorial to my dad was erected today. Right in my front yard, no less. It has brought with it a mixed bag of emotions. Pride. Sorrow. Wonder. Loss. Gratitude. I think it’s a lovely addition to the farm. And a lovely reminder of the people, the sacrifices and the hard

The Story of Stuff

I don’t normally plug other websites here, but as a farmer and environmentalist, and with it being the consumer, I mean Christmas season and all, I couldn’t let this one pass by. With the New Year right around the corner, I opine that it would serve us all well to slow dow

Bringin’ the Cows Home

Irish Grove has a few new additions. Seven adorable Murray Grey calves that are so cute you just want to squeeze ’em. We bought them from a nice man in Platteville, Wisconsin, and had a fun day of loadin‘ and unloadin‘. Here I am, trying to let one calf at a time out