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I believe it’s about time that I introduce y’all to Olivia, our trusty farm dog.She’s a border collie, a dog that is celebrated for it’s intelligence, it’s strong herding instinct, and for being a great family dog. Olivia is all of that and more. Yes, bor

Conversations I Never Thought I’d Have…Part II

When we decided to take a shot at running the family farm, I didn’t know diddly squat. Luckily, Farmer Mark was going to do the planting and harvesting of the grain crops, so the hardest part was taken care of. But I swear the hay started growing the day after Dad’s accide

We’re Pregnant!!

No, not Marcel and I….the cows! 8 proud and pregnant mama’s. Woohoo!!

The End of an Era

Grandma Ruth passed way on December 11th, 2007, at the ripe old age of 95. And with her comes the end of an era for the Flynn family. I realize that you readers must be thinking by now, “Good God. How many more posts about death can we take?” Well, I can assure you two thi