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We decided we couldn’t take it anymore. The hassles….. the trials, the tribulations of maintaining two homes.  I was tired of cleaning two places, Marcel was tired of supporting both households…… it was just too much. So we did it. We moved.   We actu


We are all colored by our personal experiences.  So when your house starts to tremor, what immediately comes to mind?  If you’re a Californian, you may think:  earthquake!! If you live near a highway, you may think:  semi-truck!! If you’re from an

A Teacher For Once

It’s not often that I get to write a post about teaching a farmer skill to someone else.  Most of the time I’m learning.  And screwing up.  And learning from my screw-ups. But looky here.  I’m teaching my friend Andy how to kill, pluck (or sk

Finally! A Small Farm Advantage

“Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.” It’s been THE rainiest growing season I can ever recall. A wet spring made it difficult to plant the crops. A wet summer meant it was difficult to make hay. And a wet fall has the harvest at a complete standstill. If you