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31 Thoughts

Two nights ago, I received a startling phone call at 12:54 a.m., from my dear husband, who had gotten stuck in the middle of a snow drift, about a mile away from home, after working a 12 hour shift, fixing snow plows that keep the roads passable, during a snowstorm that dumped 8 inche

Someone Likes Me

Someone named Tim likes this blog. Well, shucks! Thanks, Tim. He put me in a list of good farm blogs to read. A top 30 list, even. Harvestin’ Blarney made the top 30! Eat that, pop rock stars. Of course it’s his own personal opinion. It’s not like anyone voted or any

Morning Admissions

Today’s the day. The day I come clean. You see, I’ve been hiding something from you. Something that I’ve been too ashamed to admit. It’s not that I’ve meant to decieve you in any way, it’s just…..well, it’s just that sometimes it’s

Get Comfortable….

because this Christmas letter is long. (Why aren’t you surprised at that?) So go grab yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy…and have a happy New Year!! As I sit down to write this, there’s a sign for our egg customers on the barn door that reads, “Skunk Attack! Eggs ar