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You’ve seen this picture before.  On the left is my Grandpa Lowell, on the right is his brother, my Great-Uncle Donald.  They were the second generation of Flynn’s to live on and work this farm.  They were partners, as you can see noted on the side of the tr

Blog Catchup #2: Going Retail

Yes, you read that right.  Irish Grove has gone retail. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t move too quickly.  I decide to do something and then I have to think about it for awhile.  Some people may call that procrastination.  But for me, itR

Catch-Up #1: Manure Spreading

I realize that winter and snow are very ‘yesterday’, but I’m playing blog catch-up. It has been such a crazy winter that I’ve left you out of the loop on farm happenings. In fact, I’ve even left you out of the poop loop. That’s right. We had a lovel

A New Addition

It wasn’t like we didn’t have anything else to do Saturday. I had 3 coats of primer to apply to my new (!) kitchen walls (a project which of course necessitated two trips to the hardware store for forgotten supplies), the electrician was out to look at some old wires we ha