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Mama Cow…..

…has another calf? A quick recap of yesterday’s fiasco: Marcel checked on the Mama. I went to move the cows to a fresh paddock. Marcel started whistling, yelling, waving. I knew something was wrong. Mama cow had a hoof coming out her rear. Yes, I said a hoof. The hoof was

When Physiological Becomes Psychological

The mother cow’s physiological problem has played nicely into my own personal psychological problem. Namely, my fear of having to pull a calf on my own. So when the mama cow went into labor yesterday, and little hooves were sticking out her rear by 1:00 pm, and the vet told me s

Something Physiological

We are caring for an injured mama cow. We’re not sure what happened, but she started limping about two weeks ago, taking care to not put any weight on her back left leg. We called the vet, thinking she had foot rot–a fungus that can cause painful sores on the hoof, but aft

Left Behind

People have left many things behind when they come to buy eggs.  They’ve left egg cartons and money in the envelope, of course, but also sippy cups, shopping receipts, toys, etc.Today someone left behind their child. P.S.  We were home, child was playing with the chick