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Rakin’ It In

On Monday, I spent 7 hours raking hay. (You didn’t really think I meant money, did you?) Yep, it’s hay-makin‘ time in Irish Grove, and when the hay is ready, it’s ready. It doesn’t wait around for you to finish the laundry or run a needed errand, and it d

Sundays in Irish Grove

Back in the mid 1880’s, a bunch of Irish immigrants descended upon this innocent corner of the world and altered it forever. It’s hard to imagine what the area was like before they arrived, but they settled in and established a small historical community that is now loving

Are you a Farmer?

I’ve always admired farmers, and I enjoy being in their company. Obviously no two farmers are exactly alike, but the ones I know do share quite a few common characteristics. Namely, they’re hard-working, stubborn, straight-forward, a bit crusty, and they love a good tall-t

Flynn’s Irish Grove Acres

Flynn’s Irish Grove Acres is a lot like your average family farm. We’ve got the generational thing going on, my being 4th generation Flynn to live and work this land. It’s idyllic, in that Northern Illinois rolling hills sort of way. And it’s been sporting crop