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Tribute to the Flynn Bros.

Lowell and Donald Flynn Edward and Anna (Spelman) Flynn bought this beautiful Irish Grove land in 1910. The original farmland they purchased encompased not only the 210 acres at our homestead, but also the land directly across the road, which is similar in size. Edward began his adult

Conversations I Never Thought I’d Have……Part I

One nice summer afternoon, we decided to take an easy stroll through a nearby forest preserve. Besides the pesky flies dive-bombing our heads, hence the head slapping above, it was a fine time. Armando got to ride on his papa’s shoulders, the girls got to pick wild berries along

Our Herd Mothers

Isn’t she a beauty? She is one of our four new herd mothers, the future of Flynn’s Irish Grove Acres. We are in our first year of transitioning the farm from a conventional grain-fed beef operation to an organic grass-fed beef operation. The reasons for the change are wide

What Type of Vines Grow Beef?

Being the country bumpkin that I am, one of my favorite riddles is: What type of vines grow beef? It’s a riddle that’s as old as the hills, I know, but I still love it. It’s a “groaner”, the highest type of humor in the Purnell family. Who are the Purnell