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The Method behind the Madness

I realize that I’ve pointed out my farming inadequacies more than once or twice in this blog, and that my constant self-humbling could become more than a little tiring. But I do often wonder to myself: 1) who the heck do I think I am, trying to run the farm? and 2) why havenR

Harvest Hangover

Well, we’re done. The corn is in the bin, Farmer Mark has taken his combine and gone home, and the phones are quiet. Phew. What a whirlwind. For six days, my life was dominated by corn. Yes, corn….the plant that has singlehandedly taken over huge tracts of land around the

The Harvest

Thursday night, Irish Grove was a beautiful sight, lit brightly by October’s harvest moon. Friday afternoon, the corn harvest began. I’d love to claim that we time our farming activities by the moon’s cycles, but I can’t. It was, in all truthfulness, pure coinc


Meet Lucero, our trusty farm horse. He’s a Standardbred–a huge and powerful animal that’s as tame as a puppy dog. He also happens to have a pretty intimidating presence about him. Just ask our cows. Lucero is his Panamanian name. (Hey, we do more than one culture aro