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A View from Afar

Please enjoy the view from Panama! Madelina showing off a Christmas present: Bebo, Yami, Chelo and Dilsa dancing the night away: The twins, Ashley and Darinel, enjoy their first ever visit to a swimming pool: Ana and I grinding corn for bollos, a traditional Panamanian dish: Elsa, fil

The Farmers Have Flown the Coop

Being the Midwestern, rural, hospitable and generous people that we are, we’re giving our family a long-lasting Christmas gift this year:  the wonderful and most desirable opportunity to experience winter chores for 3 weeks!  And while they’re here basking in the

‘Sibling’ Rivalry

Remember those days when you were little and your brother or sister got sick?   Maybe they had the stomach flu or a perhaps a fever?  And everyone, including you, joined in the rally cry to take extra good care of them? Grandma would bring over chicken noodle soup…R


At a meeting the other day, I was fortunate enough to be in the same room with a some wonderful organic farmers from the CRAFT network.  Like most farmers, organic or not, they are hard workers, dedicated to wholesome food and healthy farms, and willing to take time out of their