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Herstory: My Path to Farming, Part I

Nature. Country. Connections. Roots. Family. These are words that make my heart swell. These words are likely the reason why I’m so darned happy living in a place I never, ever thought I’d come back to. Sure, Irish Grove was a nice place and all. But as I was growing up, I

What Was I Thinking?

Ahh, I just love our tractor. Isn’t she lovely? She has the nicest shade of blue, which is my most favorite-est color, and she also has a low, powerful roar when she drives which is music to my country-girl ears. Most of us in Irish Grove are rookie tractor drivers. I, for one,

Springtime Fun

You just can’t beat springtime on the farm. After an especially long winter this year, the pretty spring flowers breathe life back into our souls and the fresh, breezy days bring out the best in everyone. My favorite spring flowers are the bleeding hearts. They make me daydream

I do so recall….

Maybe I shouldn’t talk about buying meat from your local farmer when we’re all out for the year. That’s just mean, isn’t it? And yet as I was perusing the USDA website (which proves how lame I really am), I clicked on the Find current food recalls link and was