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You know those lovely cows I’ve been so enamored with? And how I think rotational grazing is the most awesome kick-butt farming system out there? Well today I can’t stand either one. And the only butt that’s getting a kicking is mine. I’m frustrated. F-R-U-S-T-

Visit Irish Grove Farms!

Irish Grove Farms is participating in the Openfields farm tour on May 24th! Take advantage of this great opportunity to come and see just exactly what it is we’re doing with this lovely farm of ours. We’ll tour the pastures and visit the grassfed beef cattle. We may even g

Calving Season

Calving season is upon us. May is the month our calves are scheduled to be born, if the bull did his job right, that is. And how hard is it? All he’s gotta do is be a typical bull and work the crowd, so to speak. He doesn’t even have to compete for the ladies. He is their

A-Rollin’ and A-Crimpin’

We got it!! We got it!! We got the grant!! Back in November, my friend (and partner in crime) Andrea and I applied for a North Central Region SARE Farmer Rancher Grant. SARE stands for Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education and is an organization that supports and promotes sus