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Found and Lost

We found the cows: four white Charolais steers bedded down in a waterway in the middle of a farmer’s beanfield. The same four white steers that farmer Tom’s fieldhand has seen while mowing a waterway. The ones he had called Tom about, the ones Tom had called Stewart about,

Lost and Found

We were at the intersection of Campbell and Pecatonica roads, in the corner of our neighbors’ beanfield, and had lost the trail. The cattle had run into the road, that much we knew, but to where? We drove down Campbell Road to a beautiful farmstead where some cattle of ours had


It was Thurday, and Farmer Stewart received a phone call from Farmer Tom. Tom told Stewart that his hired hand was doing some mowing on the Palmer farm–a dairy farm that butts up to the back of Stewart’s land–when he saw four white cows bedded down in Stewart’s

The Escape

It was Saturday, and we had plans. Over scrambled eggs, the girls and I had decided I would take Ana (and Armando) shopping that afternoon after dropping Madelina off at a birthday party. It was a good plan, a win-win: I had the whole morning to get some jobs done around the farm, Mad